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Habits of Innovation in the Workplace

Creating habits of Innovation in the Workplace. Innovation isn’t simply bringing in new technologies or ideas, it’s...

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Choose The Right Auditing Pathway for You!

There are three (3) options to choose from when it comes to auditing courses available. 

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Why Would Anyone Want to Listen to Me?

I want to share with you a little bit of a background story because I’ve been thinking “Why would anyone want to...

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Think Bigger

I want to share with you today a few key areas that I encourage you to pursue and keep top-of-mind throughout your...

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Take a Leap in 2021

I know you are probably getting overwhelmed with Christmas wishes already, or you probably already finished work for...

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Am I Now Certified to Conduct Audits?

We received a great question from one of our students, she finished her course and asked “Am I now certified to...

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