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Auditors Can Inspire and Motivate

There are 5 common forms or methods of communication that we’re most familiar with. Recently I discovered another...

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3 Steps to Get Started on Your Internal Audits

Have you finished your Auditor training so that you could conduct your own internal audits? That’s great – let me...

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What Direction Do I Take?

This is a common dilemma we all go through when starting out on our own as a consultant, auditor, contractor,...

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5 Tips to Success

I was reading an article online recently and they referred to ‘5 Tips to Success’ and as I read them, I thought that...

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Do You Have Two Personalities?

I’m going to start off by asking you a question “Do you feel like you have two personalities?”.

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Are You A Versatile Auditor?

ISO 19011 does include 13 personal behaviours that apply to us as auditors.

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