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How to become an Auditor

So, you’re looking for a career change? A change that will use your experience and knowledge that you have gained over the years. Auditing could be the solution.

So, You’re Looking for a Career Change?

A change that will use your experience and knowledge that you have gained over the years. You’ve made an excellent choice to become an auditor! 

So, now how do you make that change? Let’s consider the following areas.

Type of Auditor

There are many types of audits and therefore audit roles. You could look at changing your role with your current employer to include conducting internal audits or possibly you are looking at becoming an external or certification auditor who conducts audits on external organizations.


Regardless of the type of auditor you are looking at becoming, the first requirement is always the training. Ensure that your course is provided by an Exemplar Global Certified recognized training provider. This means that when you do complete your course, you have a certificate that is recognized all over the world. Consider completing a Lead Auditor course as this will include the Exemplar Global – TL competency (Team Leader) and will ensure you have the training to be able to lead audits as well as be part of an audit team. The auditing competency alone is covered by Exemplar Global – AU.

Audit area

The next step would be to consider which area or management system you would be auditing against. This may depend on your existing experience, exposure or interest to relevant areas such as quality, safety or environmental management systems. One management system can be selected or all three in our Integrated Management Systems lead auditor course. The disciplines to consider are,

Application and experience

Now that you have selected your appropriate training course to support your career change and are in the process of completing the course or you have completed it, you can start applying what you have learnt. Completing the appropriate course is an essential starting point to improve your understanding of conducting audits in the management system area/s of interest. Now you can get on with applying your knowledge and gaining audit experience.