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Am I Now Certified to Conduct Audits?

We received a great question from one of our students, she finished her course and asked “Am I now certified to conduct audits?” Well, that depends...

Audit Qualified or Certified?

We received a great question from one of our awesome students recently, which was a really valid question. She asked after she finished her course “Am I now certified to conduct audits”?

My answer is “well, that depends”.

This all depends on what your customer requires from you as an auditor. There is no clear-cut answer to this because it depends on who you are conducting your audits for.

The Audit Team

Internal auditor

If you have completed one of our courses, you are able to conduct audits internally. When you’ve completed your course, which includes Lead Auditor then you are qualified to conduct audits. Go for it!

Other requirements

As our courses are Exemplar Global recognized, you can actually ‘take them places’, so this is fantastic!

Either as a consultant or contractor, you could find that your customers or your potential customers might also require you to have Exemplar Global personnel certification. As an example, I'm a certification auditor - a contractor for a certification body, so initially, and it depends on your experience, you may be required to also have personnel certification with Exemplar Global to conduct audits for a certification body.

Now, again, it depends on which certification body it is. They all have their own internal requirements, just like when you go for a job as an employee, there's all of these different internal requirements - you come along with a qualification or certificate and competency, and then there's those internal processes or requirements that need to be completed. This is no different as an external auditor or a contractor. It would pay for you to find out from the people that you're working for, what the requirements are.

However, absolutely the first step is to complete a course that is recognized by Exemplar Global. So, tick, you've done that if you've done a course with us! Then the next step is to find out whether you require personnel certification to conduct audits for this company that you are going to contract or consult for.

Now, remember, if you have completed a course with us, you do get the Extended Learning Program (ELP) which includes Graduate Certification with Exemplar Global. All you have to do now is to upgrade your Graduate Certification to whatever personnel certification you require. Whether that’s Lead Auditor for quality, environment or OH&S – or it could even be for all three!

You are already part way there by completing a course with Lead Auditor as part of it. So, don’t delay – turn your work experience into a career today!

Note – this is an excerpt from the Auditor Training Online Facebook Live, view the video here.