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Jackie's 9 Audit Essentials

Jackie walks through her nine essential must-haves for her audit bag, ensuring her audits run smoothly and nothing...

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Understand Auditing Processes and Procedures

We've had students come to us over the years that have said to us that they didn't have a defined career path yet...

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Staying Mindful During Audits

What does meditation have to do with auditing? You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Am I Now Certified to Conduct Audits?

We received a great question from one of our students, she finished her course and asked “Am I now certified to...

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We all have these fears and doubts going through our heads and they are debilitating if they stop you from moving...

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Benefits of Being an Integrated Management Systems Auditor

Triple certification as an IMS auditor or a consultant is the topic of discussion for today. Why would we do it?

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