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Responsibilities of an Audit Team Leader

So, you want to be an audit team leader?  Are you ready for the extra tasks, and do you know what they are? 

Roles & Responsibilities the Team Leader

There are additional roles and responsibilities for an audit team leader above those of an auditor and these are important to understand as a team leader and even as an audit team member. 

Audit Plan

  • Developing the audit plan, including determining the audit objectives, scope and criteria with the audit client
  • Confirming any requirements for the audit such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), transport, access and resources
  • Communicating the audit plan to the audit team as well as the audit client

Audit Timetable

  • Detailing roles and responsibilities of audit team members
  • Communicating to the audit team as well as the audit client

Communication with the Auditee

  • Contacting the auditee and managing all communication and correspondence prior, during and after the audit
  • Ensuring the logistic requirements are acceptable and understood by the auditee

Opening Meeting

  • Chairing the opening and meeting
  • The opening meeting should confirm the audit plan and timetable and any changes noted
  • The opening meeting is where the audit team sets the scene for the audit and put the auditees at ease

Audit Team Meeting

  • Planning a final team meeting prior to the closing meeting to ensure that, as an audit team, the findings are collated and nonconformances and conformances are identified
  • Preparing these findings by coming to agreement in preparation for presentation at the closing meeting
  • It is always beneficial to consider having regular catch ups with the audit team member/s to determine how they are tracking with regards to the timetable and whether any changes need to be made

Closing Meeting

  • Chairing the closing meeting
  • The closing meeting is where the team leader will present all of the findings of the audit and discuss any applicable follow-up

Audit Report

  • Completing and distributing the audit report
  • Collecting audit notes from the audit team member/s for inclusion in the audit report

If you review all of the above points again, you can see that essentially an audit team leader needs to be an excellent communicator with both the audit team members and the auditee.  While an audit team member needs to be aware of all of these elements of an audit, it is the team leader who takes responsibility and provides direction throughout the audit.


To attain your Audit Team Leader qualification we recommend our Management Systems - Lead Auditor course. For those with an existing Management Systems - Auditing qualification, you can upgrade your existing qualification to include Team Leader here.