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Internal Audits Document Review

It's time to learn about document review, and what this looks like for you as an internal auditor in your Internal Audits. Don’t worry, everything that you’ve learned still applies and will help you with your internal audits as well as expanding to other audit types if you ever follow that path.

With a particular focus on internal audit document reviews, I’d like to share with you what might be different in an internal audit.

Before I cover what might be different it’s important to understand what would be the same too.

You would still

  • - Review previous audit reports
  • - Review relevant documentation
  • - Review within the audit scope and criteria
  • - Take notes and create a checklist of questions to follow up at the audit

So, a lot is still the same.

The one difference would be that you more than likely would not generate a Document Review Report. This is a formal report normally used as part of a structured Stage 1 and 2 external certification audit. Absolutely no need to complete one for an internal audit documentation review.

The one important output for you during your documentation review for your internal audits is the audit checklist. Write down all of the areas that you identify that are or could be potential gaps that you would like to follow up on as part of the audit. This will then be your internal document to take to the audit ready to ask those questions and collect the evidence. This will help you to stay on track and cover all of the areas that you’ve identified during the document review.

Internal auditing is a great way to learn more about the business and it broadens your career options.

Happy Auditing!

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