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Awesome Customer Service

How does Customer Service relate to ISO 9001? It's about the customer - What are their requirements? It even talks about enhancing customer satisfaction!

It all Comes Back to Quality

Today I did my Facebook Live from my favourite car wash! I thought I'd do something a bit different – so why am I at a car wash? Well, I suppose that's where you come to get your cars washed. This is where I come to get my car wash all the time. And why, because the customer service is amazing and the quality of the work they do is top notch.

I have been coming here, I think for six, seven, eight years. It's actually changed ownership in that time and there's an awesome lady, Zoey who now owns it and runs it like a well-oiled machine.

Do you know that it is with their customer service thought? She remembers me, she remembers my car and she remembers what cleaning service I get - every single time! She makes me feel special, you know. And that's what customer service is about! With regards to customer service, that's quality, isn't it?

We always talk about these ISO standards. So, ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), what on earth is that? It's to do with the customer. It's all about the customer. What are the customer's requirements? The standard even talks about enhancing customer satisfaction. It's all about the customer!

You don't even have to be certified to demonstrate and provide awesome customer service.

In contrast, last week I actually had the complete opposite experience with food delivery to my home and look I'm not going to go on and vent about it here, but the provider actually had absolutely no concept of ownership of the issue and complaint that I was expressing. They didn't even own up to the issue which was all about them not filling the order completely, so this was totally in their hands. They just wanted to keep blaming the delivery service.

Now, back to the positive customer service experience at the car wash. I'm here with my son's car this time as he has his driving test tomorrow and due to COVID-19, his car has to be absolutely spotless. He is also required to have antibacterial wipes in the car as well. It all has to be absolutely spot-on for the assessor hopping into the car.

So of course, because I've been happy with this place for so long, I’m bringing other people here. That's what happens, doesn’t it? Word-of-mouth.

I'd love to hear your customer service stories and it doesn't have to be anything to do with ISO 9001. I know I might go on about the ISO 9001, but that's all ISO 9001 is about - customer focus, customer satisfaction and the standards provide a great framework for you to build your customer focus and deliver your product or service to your customers consistently every time. So, I ask you to get on board, take a look at these ISO standards. Put that whole certification stuff aside.

So, I hope you have a favourite car wash as well, and if you've got any awesome customer service story to share, please do by all means. I love hearing about them.

Note – this is an excerpt from the Auditor Training Online Facebook Live, view the video here.