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What is ISO 9001?

Are you ready to learn why ISO 9001:2015 is so important to your business?

ISO 9001:2015 is About Quality!

In this article, we have a video where Jackie explains what is ISO 9001:2015 and turns it into something we can all understand. You will be then able to apply this to your own organization's system and understand what the requirements will look like for your business.

No more guessing or confusion! 


Now, quality is all about the customer, right?

Which means the products and the services that YOU provide to YOUR customers. It’s all about determining what your customers want and need and delivering this to them within their requirements – the standard even talks about enhancing the customer experience – so going above and beyond what they expect.

The focus is purely on delivering to your customer – there aren’t any requirements for OH&S or environmental management – this is all taken care of by their own Standards. The focus is completely on the customer in ISO 9001.

One word that really stands out and explains it for me is CONSISTENCY. This is what you want to achieve – a consistent output of your product to your customer. You will have systems in place that ensure that the right product is delivered, at the right time to the right customer – every single time. I love it!

Essentially when you have a quality management system, there is no more warm and fuzzy feeling stuff to improve your business, you will have systems and processes in place as well as monitoring and measuring so you can review data and track improvements. Any decisions you make will be based on fact – not hearsay or feelings. This is very powerful and truly drives improvement for your business.

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