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Online Training for Auditors

Whether you are a current active auditor or you are looking for a career change to enhance your specific industry experience, online training could be for you!  

Expand your Knowledge

We have come up with some pointers on how on-line auditor training can fit into your busy lives and take you to the next level ….


You can start and stop modules and courses no matter which stage you are at.  The next time you log in and commence the course, you can simply start you off where you left last time.  This means you can catch up on some modules during your lunch break, before work or after dinner, and still have time with family and friends. 

Anywhere, Anytime

To further support the self-paced learning you can access your course on any device!  If you’re doing the sports drop off with the kids on the weekend, pack your tablet and get a few modules done before the game!  Take your laptop home and catch up on the train or bus ride home!

Pitched at all levels

If you know auditing but just don’t have a current certificate, our online training enables you to quickly progress to the assessment so you can demonstrate your knowledge, and providing you pass you can quickly get on with the next module. If, however you are new to auditing there is comprehensive downloadable material for you to read at your own pace so that you gain a full understanding of the topic. We also have practice quizzes so you can be confident of your understanding before you decide to go for the assessment

Application to real world

This is the most important of all!  On-line learning can be used as a complement and extension of your own environment and personal contacts at a work level.  When you have completed a few modules of learning, you then have the opportunity to apply what you have learnt to your work environment.  By being able to relate your learnings to the work environment it helps to cement the application of the processes covered and provides further opportunity to learn.  Learn, apply, practice and improve! 

Recognized competency

And finally, ensure that your course is provided by an Exemplar Global recognised training provider.  This means that when you do complete your course, you have a certificate that is recognized all over the world.  This will support the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained both in your own industry as well as the process for conducting an audit.