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New Look, New Career, Same Auditor Training Online

You know it feels good when you treat yourself to a new look, new clothes, new hair, new style. When you first put your new look on, you walk out with confidence, and you want to show it off to everyone!

Welcome to the New World of Auditors!

We decided that it was time for ATOL to have a new look and now it’s time to show it off to everyone!
Despite our new look on the outside, we are still the same great training provider on the inside, with our Director, Jackie Stapleton leading the team.

We continue to offer the internationally recognized, industry-leading online auditor, and management systems courses you know and love.

Just a reminder of the Exemplar Global certified online courses we offer:

Auditing: Management Systems Lead Auditor (AU TL), Management Systems Auditing (AU), Virtual Instructor-Led Lead Auditor Training.

Management Systems: Quality - ISO 9001, Environmental - ISO 14001, OH&S - ISO 45001, HACCP, Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Environment and OH&S).

What Does Our New Look Represent?

YOU – and the potential you have to turn your experience into a career with the help of one of our internationally recognized qualifications.

Our new logo shows the strong supportive structure of a management system supported by the ‘diamond’ of support by having trained and competent auditors on the team.

Auditor Training Online is committed to using our experience and online presence to support and inspire others to turn their experience into a career while building a network of professionals for continual learning, earning, and growth.

Welcome to the new world of auditors and ATOL where we both continue to learn and grow – together!