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COVID-19 Update

How are we dealing with COVID-19 and the implications it brings to businesses.

How We Are Dealing with Covid-19

Auditor Training Online (ATOL) has been operating as a predominantly remote company for some time—everyone has always worked from home. We are a human-centric organization and we know that remote work nurtures a happy, productive, and diverse workforce.

As a consequence of being fully remote, we already have systems in place that allow us to work with no interruption in service. Even so, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reviewed our Business Plan and can confirm that no gaps exist for this specific threat.

What this means for you is that as a valued ATOL customer, you can expect the same high level of operations and customer service that you’ve come to enjoy daily from us.

To keep our employees safe, we have encouraged the cancellation of all work-related travel to reduce the risk of exposure outside our home offices. And if someone does need aid, we already have processes in place to meet the needs of any team member no matter where they are located—without any service disruptions.

Don’t forget, our courses are delivered 100% online.

Over the weekend we did receive notification from Exemplar Global that a lot of Training Providers are having to cancel their public training courses. 

For those of you that are still in a position to complete your training, we have all of the systems already in place to ensure that you can complete your training in the comfort of your own quarantine area at home! 

Please contact us either as an individual student or if you have a corporate team – we can help you out while minimizing the risks to your team brought on by travel.

We are experts at working remotely, so please consider us a resource if you are transitioning to remote work to protect your employees.

Finally, we are here in a positive frame of mind to help and think outside the square on how we can all get through this together.

All the best.  Happy Auditing and stay healthy.