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What Do You Look for in a Training Provider?

A big question or maybe even confusion for you all is “which course do I spend my hard-earned money on?”

Which course do I spend my hard-earned money on?

And that's a big thing because if you are spending your money on a course, are you actually enrolling in one that gives you a recognized competency or something that is actually of value at the end. 

We get so many students that come to us that have paid out their hard-earned cash for a course that really is just a piece of paper that just says that they have completed a course and it’s not actually worth anything in the industry. 

We really feel for those people that have spent their money and their time completing these courses, but it is not going to take them anywhere. So, it is really important when you're researching your courses that you're going to enrol in a course of value and it’s worth something and it's actually a competency that can take you somewhere in your career.

Two words to look for ….

I'm going to share with you what to look for when you're out there doing your research on which course is right for you, which training provider is right for you, which is really the key thing. Okay, so there is two words that you are looking for.  

The first word is …………… Exemplar

The second word is ……………. Global

Put them together – Exemplar Global!

You are looking for those two words when you are looking for a training provider. Exemplar Global.

Not only is Exemplar Global recognized qualifications or competencies recognized internationally, they are industry recognized!

And how do I know that they are industry recognized?  Because I work in the industry.  That is what people talk about. That is what they are looking for.  I did my own courses over 20 years ago, and they are the ones that have gotten me to where I am today.  Yes, there has been some upgrades along the way which just simply goes to show the beauty and relevant of doing the right recognized course to start with.  They are of value and can be upgraded and extended on. 

So, when you are looking and researching different training providers. Look for whether the training provider is associated with Exemplar Global.  And that their training does meet Exemplar Global competency requirements. 

Start asking why and what?

You might see other training providers out there that say that they are certified. As an auditor or as an up and coming auditor, start asking the question, why? Why are they saying this? A better question is “What against?”  or “What are they certified against?”.  If you cannot find what they say they are certified against, ask the question!  I came across a training provider the other day where they were claiming their courses were certified.  I went looking for the WHAT AGAINST and found that they were indeed certified – against ISO 21001 which is an ISO Standard for Educational organizations.  Now that is a totally legitimate ISO Standard and certification for an organization however it does not mean that the courses, qualifications, or competencies are certified.  Keep looking for those words – Exemplar Global. 

The Big Bonus

When you find an Exemplar Global Training Provider as a bonus, look for a Recognized Training Provider (RTP).  As a recognized training provider with Exemplar global not only do you get those same industry-recognized competencies, you also get 12 months graduate certification.  Graduate certification gives you access to free resources from Exemplar Global such as webinars, newsletters, Online Expos and so much more!  We do want you to stress about finding an RTP because guess what?  Auditor Training Online is an Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider!  So, look no further. You have come to the right place.

And even more…

When you enrol in a course with Auditor Training Online you get access to me!  Well, I think that is a bonus!  I am always here to help you and answer your questions. Our student community is a group that we are really building on and I am really proud of.  The ATOL team have worked hard to bring everyone together so that people have the opportunity to ask each other questions.

Live Comments Answered

Comment: We had an inquiry the other day from a gentleman applying for roles in the meat industry.  He needed an Exemplar Global recognized lead auditor qualification. A lot of people come to us and they have had it stipulated by their client or employer that they require a lead auditor qualification specifically from Exemplar Global. This further backs up that industry recognition that you are looking for.  I cannot emphasize this enough - you need to look for that Exemplar Global recognition. 

Enrol Now

Look no further. This is where you need to be to enrol in one of our courses.  We have done the hard work and now you have just got to take advantage of that for yourself.


Note – this is an excerpt from the Auditor Training Online Facebook Live, which you can see here.