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National Safe Work Month 2020

Let’s talk about National Safe Work Month happening this October here in Australia. Auditor Training Online is on board with this focus and are promoting our ISO 45001 courses this month.

Adapting to Change

What has ISO 45001 got to do with safe work month?

Just to backtrack a little, the Safe Work Month theme is around the COVID-19, so it's current and real. It’s really about adapting to change. This is what stood out to me when I was reading about the theme this year - it has been a year of adapting to change hasn't it. And ISO 45001 is perfect for this.

Adapting - that's what these management systems are meant for, so it's the perfect time to implement a management system in line with ISO 45001. I always say that all of the standards are perfect for creating a framework for a business.

When I say this is perfect for you and your business, you don't have to become certified to these standards. I think that's the confusion with it all.

When anyone talks about ISO standards people say, ‘well that’s not for me as I have no need to be certified’. That's okay. You can pick up these standards and implement your own OH&S management system, based on the requirements of your system and it will help you. It will develop the framework for you to implement and support you to identify risks and identify opportunity within your business.

The two words that stand out to me around adapting to change are risks and opportunities;

Why wouldn't you want your business to thrive by implementing an OH&S management system?

Why wouldn't you want to be comfortable and confident in the process that you're following to identify the risks to your business? And most importantly, to identify the opportunities.

Why wouldn't you want to identify the opportunities and leverage off them to make the most of them?

That's why I say ISO 45001 fits in so well with safe work month - It's all about adapting to change.

For those businesses that already have a management system in place, it would have been so much easier because it would have been part of that their process already.

So come on board, learn about ISO 45001 and I’m sure you will love it and it will support you through any changes coming your way.


Note – this is an excerpt from the Auditor Training Online Facebook Live, view the video here.